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A license doesn’t make you a cosmetologist, you are a cosmetologist who needs to obtain a license. Natural abilities need to be cultivated and it starts with the mind.  Cosmetology Minded provides mentorship, education and recognitive career readiness. We prepare adolescents to be career minded at a young age.

Should children learn career readiness at a young age?

Teaching a child career readiness at a young age gives the child a better sense of self and responsibility. For children who have a natural interest in Cosmetology, our program can assist them for their adult journey, through our program.

Services: For students in 9th – 12th grade

Designed with modern customized opportunities for aspiring cosmetologists.

Cosmetology Minded is a 6-month mentor program this ultimate teen cosmetology club experience includes. A positive place where your student can explore every aspect of cosmetology hair, skin, and nails. We inspire students to grow with hands on lessons including:

Specialty classes include:

Do you have a child who has a natural ability for Cosmetology? Or are you a young adult who has a gift for enhancing people’s beauty and needs help figuring out how to turn what you love into a career? How about if you have finished Cosmetology school and need additional help preparing for your state board exam?  This program is for you, we want to assist you in your journey.

We have specifically designed classes to fit a wide age range of Cosmetology career readiness needs. Cosmetology Minded is a career readiness program.

  • State board exam prep
  • Various hair classes such as; extensions, styling, wig installs, wig dying

"Designed Classes." "Cosmetology Career" "Cosmetology Minded"

A Cosmetology Apprenticeship consist of A student must be:


At least 16 years


A Maryland resident


Must have a basic knowledge of cosmetology and experience in either one or all subjects of hair, skin, or nails.


Must submit a resume or letter of experience weather it being at home or in a salon


Must submit photos of your work

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